Social Listening

Customers, prospects, and even competitors are likely talking about your brand on social media. You may be aware of the kinds of conversations that are happening when your brand is tagged, but what about when you are mentioned in relation to a wider topic?


Our social listening experts can help you understand what is being said about your brand on social media and how that relates to the wider context of your audience and their key interests.


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Powerful social media listening and monitoring tools

This means we can analyse trends around brands or topics, and how those trends may or may not align with each other. It also means we can identify key posts or where viral topics – positive or negative – came from, and how your brand can better respond to them in future.

Take a look at one of our successful social media campaigns to see an example of our work in this area:

Social listening analysis – insights around your brand

Ranging from data and trends, to highlighting specific posts and accounts, our social listening experts can help you understand:


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Brand Mentions

How often your brand is being talked about and how that compares to your competitors.

Key Topics

Whether it’s specific interest or current events, find out how your brand features in key conversations. Discover if your audience aligns with people talking about specific topics in your sector.

Audience Insight

Who are your organic social audience? What do they care about? How does your audience align with the audience around key topics in your industry? We can help you understand where the gaps are and how to bridge them.

Sentiment Trend

Find out how people feel about your brand, how that has changed over time, and which posts/topics/accounts have impacted that trend.


Discover who the key voices are in your organic social marketplace, whether they interact with your brand, and what they are saying about the topics that matter to you.

Social Listening Insights In Your Hands

Whether you’re looking for a snapshot of right now and an understanding of how perception of your brand is being impacted by current events, or regular updates on the evolving state of play for your brand on social media, our social monitoring team is ready to provide you with the data you need to make decisions.

We provide social listening analysis in easy to understand formats, pulling out the key points so you know where your focus needs to be. Our experts are always on hand to talk you through our findings and can provide recommendations on next steps so that you respond to these insights in the right way.

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If you have specific questions about your brand’s presence on social platforms, or how your audience are engaging with your sector, or if you would just like to know more about how social listening can help you make more of your social assets, contact our team on 0844 644 2950 today.

Social Media Listening FAQs

What is social listening?

Social listening is traditionally the monitoring and reporting of your brand’s social channels. While this is an important part of our approach to social listening, we go further – looking at the broader landscape, understanding the wider audience around your brand, and how that relates (or doesn’t) to the discussions around key topics that matter in your sector.

How does social listening work?

At a basic level, we can do social listening by looking at how users respond to your brand’s posts or Tweets through messages sent directly to your brand. However, as mentioned above, that’s missing a big piece of the puzzle.

That’s why we look to analyse data at scale. We do this in a similar way to a search engine, filtering through all available posts for particular words or phrases so that we can capture the entire conversation around your brand or a specific topic.

Then, based on machine learned linguistic algorithms, we can determine overall trends of sentiment, passion, interest and other metrics that help us understand the nature of those conversations.

While analysis at scale is important for understanding the wider picture, we can also then delve into the specific posts that we have found to help us gather insights into the exact way users are interacting with your brand and identify where particular conversations or trends may have started.

We know that industry jargon can sometimes be tricky to understand. For the ultimate list of A-Z industry terms, check out our Digital Marketing Glossary.


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