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As a leading PPC agency and a google ads agency, we often meet clients who are unhappy with their current paid search campaign performance and are looking to improve the overall efficiency or cost effectiveness of their account.


Our pay per click advertising approach is all about reaching your target audience and guiding users through the conversion process. By tailoring your PPC ads, and using highly relevant landing pages, we are able to help drive as many conversions as possible within your PPC budget.


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Pay per click marketing has the potential to attract highly relevant visitors to your website, helping you to boost sales and generate more leads. Paid search is very different to organic search, although you appear in the search results page for searched terms, unlike organic search, Google pay per click campaigns, and Bing paid campaigns require the user to click on your ads (usually at the top and bottom of the SERP).

Achieving a profitable campaign can be challenging and time-consuming, requiring you to manage keyword bids and targeting whilst also reducing your overall spend.

When competition is fierce you have to stay ahead of a steep learning curve and your competitors, an advertising agency with experience in offering pay per click services is the answer to help you get the most out of paid search tools.

PPC Management services – more profitable campaigns for your business

Our paid search management techniques can help you to reach your target audience at every stage of the conversion journey, presenting them with engaging messaging throughout each step. By tracking all aspects of your campaign, we refine the messaging and optimise key elements to improve return on investment (ROI).


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“A creative, professional and very talented group of individuals, who have all worked together to deliver some very impressive and quantifiable results.”

Neil Stickland,
Digital Project Manager, Domino Printing Sciences plc

Our pay per click management services

From understanding your business’ USPs, to creating relevant text ads and landing pages, as part of our paid search services, our paid search marketing team here at Coast can provide:

Pay Per Click keyword research & targeting

Our PPC specialists use various PPC keyword research tools to identify the best keywords to bid on to ensure your campaign drives suitable traffic and generates positive ROI. We’ll also create unique audience targeting lists within Google Ads based on factors like interests, demographics and location. We also build up a list of negative keywords to help further improve your ROI. This also stops your budget being spent on irrelevant traffic.

Automatic bidding strategies

We’ll test automated bidding strategies across your new and existing campaigns on Google Ads and Bing ads to help you maximize your return and efficiently achieve your set goals. The main automated strategies we can utilise are:

Target ROAS

This automated bidding strategy allows you to bid, based on a target return on spend to help you increase revenue at set ROAS. This makes it ideal for clients who are able to track revenue online and whose goals are to increase revenue while reducing cost.

Target CPA

This strategy will help you generate as many leads as possible at a set cost-per-conversion (CPA). The average CPA that you set will determine how many leads you’re eligible to receive. For example, setting this too low may restrict performance and how often your ads can show.

Maximise clicks

The maximise clicks bid strategy will produce as many clicks as possible within your budget. This is ideal for clients with the goal of driving high volumes of traffic to the website using paid search.

Maximise conversions

Maximising conversions works best for advertisers with campaigns that are limited by budget, as this will work using historical account data to get you as many leads as possible within your budget.

Google Ads management

Having a badly structured Google Ads account not only affects your quality score and cost per click, it also makes it harder for multiple people to work across the account. We can perform a PPC audit, set up your first Google Ads campaign, organise your existing google adwords account and manage day-to-day bids, budgets and general tasks.

Ad creation

Variety is key when it comes to paid ad creation, so we will always make sure that there are a mix of Google ads in each group. We identify key opportunities and craft engaging ad copy that will appeal to your target audience.

Landing page creation

Our design and development team work closely with our team of google ads specialists to create, test, and optimise landing pages that will successfully capture web traffic to drive leads and conversions. We can make these from within your CMS or by using tools like Unbounce.

Testing & refinement

Google advertising is essentially all about testing and fine-tuning your campaigns. These tests can include adding new keywords, match types, locations, audiences and more. We can schedule A/B tests for ad copy, or set up ‘experiment’ campaigns to test bigger changes such as bid strategies. This enables us to achieve measurable test results and build new campaigns.

Reporting & analysis

We provide comprehensive, detailed and fully customisable reports that keep you up-to-date with the progression and results of your PPC campaigns. Depending on your preference, these can be generated on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Google Grants for non-profits

We help charities and non-profit organisations with Google Ad Grant management services to enhance their marketing strategies and support their causes.

Take a look at one of our previous success stories where we saw remarkable results in just 2 weeks after the implementation of a Google Charity Grant:

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Are paid search and PPC the same?

Yes, these two terms both refer to the same marketing model, where advertisers pay a certain amount each time an ad of theirs is clicked. Paid search, PPC, Pay Per Click and search engine advertising are all interchangeable terms that refer to the same thing.

What determines cost per click?

Cost per click (CPC) is a metric determined by various factors. The main factor: your quality score, maximum bid and the ad rank of competitors who bid for the same keywords.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimisation important in PPC?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is useful in all aspects of digital marketing. However, when it comes to CRO in PPC, by optimising your conversion rate, you can ensure that users not only land on relevant pages, but by doing so they are presented with all of the information they need.

The goal being for them to convert on that page, rather than leaving and potentially not converting (which would waste ad spend). The higher your conversion rate, the lower your cost per click, cost per conversion, but your ads also generally receive higher positions in the SERP.

What are negative keywords on Google Ads?

Negative keywords can be added to your Google Ads account to prevent your ads from showing for irrelevant queries within user searches, or to avoid crossover between ad groups and campaigns. For example you may have one ad group for exact brand terms, and one for customer support. You would therefore want to add negative keywords for customer service related terms to the specific campaign to avoid this showing to existing customers.

We know that industry jargon can sometimes be tricky to understand. For the ultimate list of A-Z industry terms, check out our Digital Marketing Glossary.

We consistently saw very strong growth in both revenue and ROI. High level analysis facilitated strategic use of budget. Coast’s sole focus was always on increasing the profitability, and constantly tested different ROIs and the resultant revenue to determine which levels maximised profit and ultimately to increase market share.

Ajay Nassa,
Managing Director UK

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