Display Advertising

Programmatic marketing or display advertising gives brands the power to serve personalised and relevant display ads and ad copy to the right people, at the right time.


In a complex landscape with hundreds of potential technology partners, it’s important to work with a display advertising agency that understands what’s available and can deliver a solid display strategy best suited to your objectives, budget and target audience.


Our transparent approach to display marketing demystifies this complex landscape of programmatic advertising and ensures accurate, consistent display advertising campaign performance reports every step of the way.

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Unparalleled expertise in digital display advertising

Our display advertising specialists’ ability to drive excellent results in the most cost-effective manner is second to none.

Well-versed in programmatic display, we create strategies that link disparate data sources at a singular level, across multiple channels. It’s this very focus on a rich user experience that helps brands reach their desired audience through:

  • Brand awareness
  • Remarketing
  • Acquisition
  • Lead generation

Tools of the trade

We have a list of programmatic partners that we work with, utilising the most innovative and accurate ad fraud and contextual relevancy tools available in the market – as well as developing our own in-house blacklist of sites.

These tools make every interaction count and ensure that our display clients can rely on excellent brand protection, with viewable impressions and legitimate traffic.


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Media partners

We have our own trading seats on a number of programmatic display platforms in order to create flexible media plans designed to achieve the best possible results. This eliminates the need to throw large chunks of your budget at just one particular partner – giving you the ultimate control over your spend.

A full-service display advertising partner

The strategy is just the start – your display campaign needs striking creative to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Our in-house design team knows what works, having built successful display advertising banners, video ads and content for clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

“Programmatic has levelled the playing field. Our clients with smaller budgets and spends can now compete in this highly lucrative arena – in ways that weren’t possible before.”

David Wharram,
CEO, Coast Digital

Display advertising FAQs

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is a method of using ad formats such as banners, images, videos, and audio to advertise on websites, social media platforms, and apps. Its sole purpose is to serve brand messages and adverts to visitors of the sites on which they appear.

What is native display advertising?

Native display advertising refers to advertising placements that fit in with their environment. This means that the ad functions, looks, and feels like the other elements on the site on which it appears.

What is programmatic display advertising?

Programmatic display advertising refers to buying digital ad space on websites. The process consists of automated bids defined by the user. The artificial intelligence of display platforms uses data to decide which ad space to buy and how much to pay for them.

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We know that industry jargon can sometimes be tricky to understand. For the ultimate list of A-Z industry terms, check out our Digital Marketing Glossary.

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