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Are you confident about your business and your staff being on social media? Our experts can give you the knowledge you need to make social media an asset, not a risk.


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Social Media Training

We’re all increasingly visible thanks to social media – both in our personal and professional lives. You want your business to be confident on social media, using it to your benefit rather than fighting fires. We can give you the knowledge to do just that.

Opening up social media across your business can be daunting. With numerous employees all in the public domain it could be easy for mistakes to happen – which is why educating your workforce is vital.

Delivering this education isn’t easy with so many different networks and tools, not to mention the importance of working to commercial objectives. If you need your employees to sing from the same social hymn sheet however, social media training could be the answer.

Social Media training tailored to your needs

By designing a bespoke training programme in response to your business culture, job roles and commercial objectives it’s possible to optimise your entire social media presence. Social media training can teach you precisely which networks and tools are right for your business and provides you with the means to engage with your customers and create profitable relationships.

Want to make your business and your staff more confident on social media? Minimise the risk with our social media training – call us today on 0845 450 2086.

Educate, interact, support

Comprehensive social media training that is bespoke to your business, department or strategy; which includes:

Social Media Policy – A run through of the policy and questions answered.

Interactive Workshop – Tailored to the job role and objectives of the attendees, preparing them the moment they leave the room.

Accompanying Literature – Reference guide containing advice and best practices.

Aftercare – Attendees have access to a social media expert following the workshop to support their social media activities.

We know that industry jargon can sometimes be tricky to understand. For the ultimate list of A-Z industry terms, check out our Digital Marketing Glossary.


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“Everyone really enjoyed the session and learnt a tremendous amount”

Jon Collings,
Head of Marketing, Gtech
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