Why WordPress is an Enterprise CMS

Discover the unrivalled advantages of the industry-leading content management system and see how it perfectly complements Enterprises.

WordPress is used by 38.3% of all websites, making it the most popular CMS with nearly 64% of the market share.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and investing in cost-effective ways to future-proof websites has become a vital consideration for marketers, developers and website managers alike.

Many costly Enterprise CMS platforms lack the level of agility that you get when WordPress is paired with an outstanding hosting provider such as WP Engine.

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In this guide, discover the unrivalled advantages of WordPress, including its:

  • Advanced marketing and development capabilities
  • High-performance hosting abilities
  • Utilisation of cutting-edge technology
  • Unparalleled speed, scalability and security

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Why WordPress is an Enterprise CMS

A brief guide to what the industry-leading content management system has to offer digital marketers, website developers and website owners


  1. Introduction to WordPress
  2. Why WordPress?
  3. WordPress interface & plugins
  4. SEO-friendly features
  5. Why WP Engine?
  6. Web design & development at Coast

This guide is intended for:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Website Developers
  • Website Owners/Webmasters


WordPress – the website host with the most

Since its inception in 2003, WordPress has grown from a basic blogging tool into the leading digital experience platform (DXP) of choice.

The ever-evolving digital landscape makes it crucial for marketers and web developers to look to the future and invest in hosting options, tools and resources that offer flexibility, ease of use and advanced capabilities, without costing an arm and a leg.

Many expensive Enterprise CMS platforms – such as Sitecore, a closed-source CMS – lack the kind of agility that you get when you pair WordPress with an outstanding hosting provider such as WP Engine.

This guide details the unrivalled advantages of WordPress, including its:

  • Advanced marketing and development capabilities
  • High-performance hosting abilities
  • Utilisation of cutting-edge technology
  • Unparalleled speed, scalability and security


Why WordPress?

Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, so your chosen CMS has to be able to efficiently deal with digital transformation and sector-specific developments, such as dynamic changes in the market and shifts in consumer demand.

Choosing a well-hosted CMS that can grow and develop with yours or your client’s business is the perfect way to ‘future-proof’ for continued success.

AI-powered automation

WordPress offers a plethora of AI-powered plugins to allow for easy site updates, performance and security monitoring, post scheduling, site analytics, regular backups, and so much more.

With such management capabilities as these, WordPress can be whatever kind of CMS that site owners want and need it to be.

WordPress is used by 38.3% of all websites, making it the most popular CMS with nearly 64% of the market share.

Source: w3techs





A user-friendly interface

The WordPress platform is often praised for its ease of use and user-friendliness, even for non-tech savvy people. Creating and maintaining a successful WordPress website doesn’t rely on coding or programming skills, making it a clean, simple and beginner-friendly dashboard for:

  • Publishing, optimising and organising content
  • Editing and customising website features
  • Creating an enhanced end-user experience

A plugin for everything

There are more than 50,000+ plugins available to WordPress users. Plugins help to streamline, simplify and often automate website functionality, making optimisation activities more straightforward than ever.

eCommerce offerings

Powerful eCommerce plugins – such as WooCommerce – are available to give websites complete eCommerce functionality – from striking themes and product displays, to shopping baskets and checkout features. WordPress supports a variety of secure payment gateways and can seamlessly integrate with existing websites.




SEO-friendly features

WordPress is truly a powerhouse of extensive SEO capabilities that help to enhance SERP visibility.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, there’s no question of WordPress’ ability to significantly outperform other content management systems.

Which aspects of SEO does WordPress support?

  • Mobile optimisation – WordPress’ back end is completely mobile responsive.
  • Image optimisation – there are loads of plugins that can regularly automate image optimisation.
  • Content management & optimisation – enjoy a full spectrum of tools and themes for creating and enhancing content.
  • Crawlability – utilise powerful features that help Googlebots easily crawl and index a website for better visibility and ranking.
  • Meta data – smart plugins can automatically generate relevant meta data based on your content.
  • Permalinks – WordPress offers naturally optimised permalink structures.

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Why WP Engine?

For websites built on WordPress, WP Engine’s hosting platform provides the ability to create user-friendly digital experiences for both webmasters and website end users alike.

WP Engine’s extensive security measures allow for the management and optimisation of websites within a secure environment.

For companies of all shapes and sizes

Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on WP Engine’s award-winning services and support, benefiting from the web host’s unrivalled:

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Support

What’s more, WP Engine’s feature-rich web management services have also proven intuitive and affordable enough for individuals and SMEs.

Source: WP Engine

WP Engine offers its users a wide array of performance-enhancing tools and features, including:

  • Page performance & site speed tests
  • Localised content delivery options for personalised experiences
  • WordPress-specific features (including SSL certificates, automated migrations, staging sites, tracking & diagnostics)

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WordPress web design, development and UX at Coast

Coast Digital’s expert WordPress developers deliver website solutions that put the control back in your hands.

We know WordPress inside out

Our web designers, developers, and user experience experts are highly experienced in creating efficient and effective WordPress websites.

As well as creating fully optimised websites, our WordPress specialists can work closely with you to help you learn how to:

  • Navigate WordPress and use its powerful editing toolsets.
  • Design, shape and implement the perfect online experience for your clients or customers.
  • Evolve and grow yours or your client’s website in line with business objectives.

Success stories

See how we’ve helped clients create remarkable, user-centric online experiences.

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