5 WordPress Myths Debunked

This guide will help you sort through some of the misinformation and half-truths you’ll sometimes hear about WordPress

Don’t let misinformation influence big website decisions

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We all love a good debate, an opportunity to pick sides. You see it all the time with technology. Apple vs Android, Xbox vs Playstation, PC vs Mac… the list goes on.

However, when it comes to making business decisions about something as important as your website you can’t afford to fall into this kind of polarised debate. Personal bias doesn’t drive profit.

This guide isn’t about telling you WordPress is the right CMS for you. It is about making sure you approach your CMS decisions from an informed position, meaning you can choose the right solution for your objectives, audience and budget.

In this guide we look at:

  • The most common myths and misconceptions about WordPress
  • The arguments against these 5 ideas
  • What you need to know about what WordPress can do now
  • Websites you didn’t realise were built in WordPress

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Download the guide

To download your free copy, please fill in the form.