Vikki Baker

Yesterday kicked off our webinar calendar for the year, with a highly subscribed session on Social Media, presented by Digital Manager and Social Media Specialist, Liam Shepherd.

The session was called ‘Social Evolution in 2018’ and encompassed 3 main areas:

  • Then and now – how social platforms have evolved – The session started with a look at how the major Social Media platforms have developed over the past few years, including the acquisitions they have made, the growth in their advertising revenue and how they may continue to grow this revenue in the coming years.
  • Social trends in 2018 – Liam discussed the Social Media trends that marketers should be aware of in 2018, including the increase in personalisation and localisation in both Social and Search.
  • The rise of virtual assistants – A little about the rise of virtual assistants, their popularity and adoption, and the opportunities they could provide for marketers in the future.

The session finished with some thoughts on the direction Social Media might take in the future and a Q&A section.


If you couldn’t make the webinar, we’ve got you covered. You can view the recording here:




If you’d just like the slide deck, here it is. You can download a copy from Slideshare.



Further Reading

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