Email Remarketing – You’re Doing it Right!


Times are tough for gyms in a very competitive market, so I was impressed to see The Gym using email remarketing to its full potential. Like many others I wanted to join a gym – I clearly already possess a svelte physique, but there is always room for a improving your fitness right?

The Gym’s offering is attractive for a number of reasons and its USPs have helped to define it in a crowded marketplace. For me, it was appealing because I didn’t want a long term, expensive contract and The Gym’s no contract, low price and simplicity suited me perfectly, I was in.

Starting the sign up process online was easy enough, but during the signup process I was called away and never completed the transaction. Not to worry, The Gym had already collected my email address during the process and sent me the following email a short time later:

gym email marketing
Not only was the timing of the mail good, but the email was also:

  •  Well structured – short, sharp copy, good imagery and a scannable format
  •  Contained a number of reasons to join – benefit driven messaging
  •  Used persuasive language – encouraging me towards a positive outcome
  •  Had a strong call to action – “join online now”
  •  Contained ways to get in contact and find further information if needed – not just about the sell

The simplicity of this email is what makes it so effective and undoubtedly, it will encourage many people that drop out during the sign up process to complete. This process certainly worked for me. I am now a fully fledged member of the gym, let’s hope I don’t receive an email in a couple of months asking why I haven’t been!

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