Brighton SEO 2012 – Thoughts from the Day

Brighton SEO is rapidly becoming the preeminent conference for the SEO industry in the UK and in only a few years has forged itself a place as a highly popular, respected event. Brighton SEO gives agencies, in house operatives and search marketers from all over the country the chance to share ideas in the Brighton Dome. Attending the vent from the Coast Digital online marketing team were Mike Hall and Liam Shepherd, here’s their thoughts on the day:

My Day in Brighton – Mike Hall

This was my first time down at Brighton SEO, and I can certainly see why it continues to grow in attendance each year. The quality of presentations and breadth of hot topics covered were outstanding, and there was a slightly more relaxed atmosphere than you may expect at such an event, due in the main to Kelvin Newman’s informal style of hosting which I found to be refreshing – a huge thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Highlights of the Day

My Day in Brighton – Liam ‘Lewy’ Shepherd

This was my first trip down to Brighton to attend what is now rapidly becoming the conference for the SEO industry. All in all it really was a fantastic event and I am already looking forward to the next one in September.

Initially the part I was looking forward to was the 20/20 sessions, where speakers have twenty slides and twenty seconds per each slide to run through them. However all this seemed to result in was someone talking at you rapidly, whilst desperately trying not to waste valuable seconds by taking a breath, you couldn’t possibly take it all in. Despite this all of the 20/20 speakers were fantastic and deserved a longer slot to really do their presentations justice.

Highlights of the Day

Both Coast Digital attendees found the day to be extremely enjoyable and well-organised and would like to offer a huge thank you to all of the speakers and to Kelvin Newman for organising such an excellent event. On the whole there were plenty of actionable tips and tricks to take away, although there were certain presentations that warranted slightly more time. Overall it was a great opportunity to listen to other people’s perspectives on the current state of search, and what the future holds for the industry.