How insightful is the Google Insights data?

This week Google launched their new ‘insight’ tool – and amazingly insightful it is too. I am absolutely hooked. Okay, I am a bit of a stato at heart so these sorts of tools really interest me.

You will see in the following screenshot that I’ve run some SEO agency-related search phrases. Within seconds you can get some insight:

You can play with the following filters:

Things Insight tells you:

Other search things you can play with:

How insightful is the Google Insight data?

I have also been playing with some paid search numbers to see how well the Google Insight data maps onto the PPC phrases we are bidding for.

The keywords I have worked on so far are commercially sensitive. But, I can tell you, that with a little bit of effort in Excel you can check the accuracy of Google Insight versus the ‘real’ search volumes for a keyword.

Result, Google Insight is giving you genuine, non-skewed search volumes. (Google has used a factoring model to modify the Y-axis of their charts.)