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More often than not, website redesign is based on a mixture of guesswork, the desire to “do something new”, and personal opinion about what works. It might be that you have studied the analytics for your site and have some idea of where visitors arrive and leave, but what does this really tell you about what to do next?

We are the experts that bring the data and the user experience research together to give you whole picture.

Move from opinion to evidence

No website redesign should take place without first having all the facts. Most people know what they want to change about their website, but few really understand why. And it’s a fact that the cost of fixing an error after the site is built will cost you 100 times more than if you’d caught it upfront. At Coast Digital, we carry out research with your customers and then design digital solutions based on their needs and your goals.

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Coast Digital showed real expertise when it came to understanding the need to enhance user experience and create a solution which would be of benefit to a wide range of users

Jon Waring Project Manager SEPT

Brief, Conceptualise, Deliver

By employing a consultative approach Coast Digital can help you achieve a rich and engaging online experience with design service that includes:

  • User research
  • Website designs
  • Homepage refreshes
  • Landing & product pages
  • Downloadable collateral
  • Email templates
  • Display banner adverts
  • Mobile websites

Why choose Coast Digital?

  • Marketing you can measure

    It's more than just a slogan, it's a promise embodying our commitment to achieving outstanding results.

  • Working in partnership

    By understanding all aspects of your business, we're digital partners, not just an agency.

  • The complete solution

    We deliver the full spectrum of digital services providing end-to-end solutions with a clear goal in mind.

  • Generating demand

    Whatever the offering we're committed to driving demand, building trust and creating loyalty for your brand.

  • Sharing what we know

    So you stay ahead of the digital curve and outperform the competition, we share our insights into the digital world.

Whether it’s creating a new website or a campaign landing page, the Coast Digital team offers extensive website design experience and the expertise required to help you achieve your commercial objectives. By calling on strategic and marketing thinking throughout the process, you not only receive designs that are in tune with your users’ needs, but the foundations of a successful online offering.

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