User Research & Analysis


Remove the guesswork from important business decisions with user research and data analysis.

Starting each project with a solid understanding of your users provides the foundation from which to achieve success. To achieve this understanding we invest heavily in research, taking the time to engage users and analyse the data.

Insight from users

The Coast approach to user research is flexible to the needs of the project and the challenge being set. It can consist of face to face user interviews, telephone research or questionnaires, the choice of which depends on objectives. What is constant is the genuine insight gained from this research and the dramatic effect it has on the shape and direction of projects.

Coast Digital showed real expertise when it came to understanding the need to enhance user experience and create a solution which would be of benefit to a wide range of users.

Jon Waring,
Project Manager,
South Essex Partnership Trust

Combining user insight with statistical analysis

With so much data available digitally, additional value can be gained by combining in-depth user research with exert data analysis. This approach identifies where and how tasks are performed with finding out the ‘why’, context that is only achievable through engaging users.


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