Case Study

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Email marketing that drives impressive ROI

As part of their ongoing email marketing activity with Coast Digital, an email is sent twice a year to promote the new Wiltshire Farm Foods’ range.

Wiltshire Farm Foods, the UK’s leading meals delivery service, launches two new seasonal ranges per year with email marketing support from Coast Digital. This email must tempt customers to try additional dishes and increase the revenue per customer.


Why creativity is key

Analysis of previous campaigns identified that a creative design would generate the greatest interest and revenue. A bespoke creative design was used, instead of the standardised template.

Coast Digital’s team followed the entire campaign delivery process, from client briefing and content creation, to product selection and visual treatment.


To date, £50,000 has been generated by the email, based on an average order of £35 and an open rate of 30%


The most revenue generated from a new range launch email ever!

This one email stands out in a long running email marketing campaign that has generated significant ROI. To date, £50,000 has been generated by the email, based on an average order of £35 and an open rate of 30%

It shows that even in long standing email campaigns, a commitment to specific goals and creativity yields outstanding results.

Coast Digital are a key strategic partner in driving our results. They totally get our brand and deliver engaging solutions with passion and commitment that is visible across the whole team. A really fantastic agency I am pleased to be working with.

Talia Findlay,
Digital Marketing Manager
return for every £1 spent on email in a year
27 to 1
ROI for a single new range launch email
increase in sales compared to previous year's send

What we did

  • Display
  • Email
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Website design
  • Website development

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