Case Study


E-learning tools receive critical acclaim from users

Working with the South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, Coast Digital were able to deliver a e-learning tools for dementia nurses and carers.

The South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT) wanted a Moodle e-learning platform to teach nurses and carers about dementia and the services they offer for supporting families. Moodle offers a great platform for e-learning, but SEPT wanted a tool that was branded, intuitive and more engaging than the standard Moodle experience.

A successful learning experience was critical in helping both nurses and carers recognise the signs of dementia as well as better understanding how to support families coping with the condition.


E-learning tools based on user stakeholder requirements

Coast Digital set about researching stakeholder and user requirements. Using a series of workshops, interviews and questionnaires we observed how the users operated in their own environment. We found users attempting to undertake e-learning while they were working on hospital wards with constant interruption, in care homes, and in their own personal time. These people were time-limited with a challenging set of priorities that could easily divert them from the e-learning programme.

We injected excitement and made it relevant

To meet the goal we needed to excite and engage the users. We had to give them the ability to complete modules in stages – saving their progress and making it easy to return to when they had the opportunity to do so.


Using a series of workshops, interviews and questionnaires we observed how the users operated in their own environment.


Coast Digital’s team of experts took a very basic set of screens that featured dry questions and a series of ‘next’ buttons and wire-framed new ideas based on the user profiles we’d created in the research.

The solution included a wide range of interactive content, video, tests and quizzes.

A marked change in the user experience

At the official launch evening the feedback from NHS employees was impressive, with the majority regarding the platform as a great way to learn about dementia. Everyone agreed there was a marked change in the user experience.

Coast Digital showed real expertise when it came to understanding the need to enhance user experience and create a solution which would be of benefit to a wide range of users. The programme they created was intuitive, accessible and easy to use, which meant users such as carers were able to dip in and out of the programme when convenient for them to do so, catering for their time-limited roles. Overall, Coast provided a creative, thorough and professional service and their engaging approach to user experience is clearly a winning formula. I would definitely recommend their work to anyone who is looking for a similar solution in the future.

Jon Waring,
Project Manager, South Essex Partnership Trust

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