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James Frost

James founded Coast Digital in 2002 and has been in advertising for 25 years. As Managing Director he is committed to achieving success for Coast and its clients. He is a passionate supporter of charity and regularly works with Harambee for Kenya, helping Kenyan street kids achieve a brighter future. James also enjoys travel, the theatre and has an enviable car history.


Office Space Undergoes Refurbishment

18 June 2014

Coast Digital has been a resident of Beacon End Courtyard in Colchester since our formation back in 2002. Originally part of ‘Beacon End Farm’, a 14th-century hall house, the Courtyard consists of three structures that were initially built to… Read More >


Working with Harambee for Kenya

19 April 2012

Having recently returned as Managing Director of Coast Digital I am keen to share some of my experiences from the past 2 years, particularly the work I have been undertaking with the charity Harambee for Kenya. Just a few… Read More >


Top tips for effective landing pages

17 March 2008

I am continually amazed at the poor quality of some landing pages used by companies advertising on Google (and other search engines).  Perhaps I should first explain (for those that don’t know), that a landing page is the page… Read More >


Optimisation means more than SEO

8 November 2007

If I speak about “optimisation” people naturally assume I am talking about the practice of search engine optimisation, or “SEO” as it’s otherwise known. But optimisation should mean a whole lot more than just SEO.   When considering the optimisation… Read More >


Budgeting for digital

31 July 2007

Internet Advertising has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years and in 2006 accounted for 11.4% of the total advertising market in the UK. It has been interesting to watch the shift from traditional marketing channels to the internet.… Read More >


The internet backlash

26 July 2007

Over the last couple of months I have noticed a few articles starting to appear in the national press which suggest that the Internet is destroying the very fabric of our society.  The argument of some ‘professional’ journalists seems… Read More >