Michael Dravnieks

The Importance of UX – Coast TV

20 August 2014

It was in Forrester’s Top Technology Trends for 2014 report where they stated that a great digital experience is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a make-or-break point for your business as we more fully enter the digital age. So with that in mind,… Read More >


Adrian Willings

Why Content Plans Are Essential

7 August 2014

“Content is King!” – In our industry that term has been so over-used it makes me (and most other marketers) groan every time it’s mentioned. Alas, there’s a reason it has been used so much; great content is essential… Read More >


James Frost

Office Space Undergoes Refurbishment

18 June 2014

Coast Digital has been a resident of Beacon End Courtyard in Colchester since our formation back in 2002. Originally part of ‘Beacon End Farm’, a 14th-century hall house, the Courtyard consists of three structures that were initially built to… Read More >